Our members are an eclectic mix of artists, some are new to theatre making and others bring a wide range of theatre experience to the company. They are creative, risk taking, committed, professional and brave.

Core Team

Emma Whitley – Co-Artistic Director
Leanne Jones – Co-Artistic Director
Charlotte Corrie – Treasurer
Charlie Taylor – Secretary


Shaun Roberts – Performer
Lee Burnitt- Performer
Donna Coleman – Performer
Lucy Graham – Performer
Paula Stewart – Performer
Laura Hall – Performer
Dan Pendleton – Performer
Jack Spencer – Performer
Alex Clark – Performer
Bradley Thompson – Performer
Tom Nevitt – Performer
Rob Kavanagh – Performer
Kevin Foott-Stephens – Performer
Christine Heaney –Performer

Production & Creative Team

Dan Pendleton – Marketing
John Gossage – Designer & maker
Sloop John B – Set Maker
Jasmine Swan – Designer
Christina Grogan – Communications Designer
Alice Smith – Designer
Laurence Wilson – Writer
Bobby Bailey – Production Management
Jamie Thompson – Sound Design
Yvette Sedgley – Stage Manager
Geoff Owens – Film Maker
Matt Barton – Musician
Dave Owens – Musical Director
Chris Marshall – Musician
Alan Pugh – Choreographer
Sarah Meath – Production Assistance
Gerry Jones – Musician

Friends of Tell Tale Theatre

Kellie Cromby, Sophie O’Shea, Sophie Kirby, Jonathan Hall, Christina Carter, Ruth Langstaff, Lucy Stepan, Chris Carney, Carl Bullen, Steven Kerwin, Jennifer Campell, Meera Bala, Katy McLoughlin, Morvyn McKelvin, Angie Berwick, Becca Gossage, Dierdre Gossage, Anthony Smith, Adam Murdoch, Dale Land, David Hible, Luke Walsh, Grace, Rob, Matt Ireston, Jan Chew, Tony Irwin, Sally Fiddles-Moss, Paula Lee, Jenny Mansfield, Karl Hesketh, Paul Marsland, Hannah Rose, Kirstie Goscombe, Nadia Alsafaar, Allan Foy, Andrew Reece and Ruth Worthington.

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